February 2022
New Publication in Frontiers in Psychiatry

In non-randomized studies (NRSs) where a continuous outcome variable (e.g., depressive symptoms) is assessed at baseline and follow-up, it is common to observe imbalance of the baseline values between the treatment/exposure group and control group. This may bias the study and consequently a meta-analysis (MA) estimate. These estimates may differ across statistical methods used to deal with this issue. Analysis of individual participant data (IPD) allows standardization of methods across studies. 

September 2022
New publication in European Journal of Endocrinology

 Few prospective studies have assessed whether persons with subclinical thyroid dysfunction are more likely to develop diabetes, with conflicting results. We conducted a systematic review of the literature and an individual participant data analysis of multiple prospective cohorts to investigate the association between subclinical thyroid dysfunction and incident diabetes.